Beat Knowledge: Kaytranada’s Cold Lampin’ On ‘Whatever,’ Boosts The Celestics On ‘Supreme Laziness’

05.21.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

It ain’t hard to tell when a Hip-Hop producer steps out of his element and sounds silly. Kaytranada’s not one for lacking sensibility, though, as he shirks genre barriers one beat at a time. His recent beat tape Whatever comes off as an unexpected gesture of goodwill. The new XL Recordings signee basically screams “aggin we made it!” over 19 tracks of bangers, high-power cuts and songs filled with his signature basslines and misty leads.

This isn’t a LP, EP or, thank God, #FREEP. It’s a old-fashioned zip of waywardly-tagged beats that bump. The songs let the Montreal producer flex his muscles in House, Rap and R&B in a fairly even distribution. So if you’re a rap bro not into that sidechain-heavy dance sound, switch gears to mainstays like “Jupiter” to maintain your electronic Hip-Hop neckbeard.

Fans have heard a few of these joints already and “Sober Thoughts,” his latest record with GoldLink makes the cut. It’s the rare cuts that put smiles on supporters faces. This man, for instance, finally set “Forever Lasting Night” free. It’s evident sample of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” receives an elementary yet extremely well executed flip treatment. Montreal’s finest sure loves him some Chaka, huh?

Whatever comes at you free of charge: a more-than-generous offer considering the caliber of beats within. Add The Celestics’ Supreme Laziness, Kaytranada’s co-op effort with brother Louis-Phillip, to the queue as well. I can’t pass full judgment on it yet since J. Cole said one listen reviews are killing hip-hop. The funky Montrealiens nevertheless go for the gusto with songs that slap from start to finish. Piss off your neighbors to it at no extra cost.

DownloadKaytranada – Whatever

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