Because Miami and Carolina is Execrable, Let’s Klear Out More of This Kontent

11.19.09 8 years ago 28 Comments

Here’s the NFL Play 60 ad with Breesus, DeMarcus Ware and Troy Polamalu cavorting and capering on the South Lawn of the White House that will air beginning Thanksgiving weekend. C’mon Troy, I know you have a PCL sprain, but you should be able to cover a middle aged socialist Mooslim.

Here’s other NFL marginalia in bullet form.

  • Cutlerf*cker and Greg Olsen will provide play-by-play for the Week 13 MNF game between Baltimore and Green Bay during a special event at a Chicago bar charging between $150 to $300 a head to attend. What a bargain!

    Cutler: I guess the Packers’ line is bad. But I get hit too. Why won’t people recognize that I get hit? I don’t waaaaannnnnnaaaaaaaa get hit.

    Olsen: You wanna hit my wife?

    Cutler: Again?

    Olsen: Ch-yeah.

    Cutler: I don’t care. I guess so.

    Olsen: HEY! Get in here! Jay says yes!

    [Crowd gets what they paid for]

  • Brad Childress signed an extension to remain the Vikings coach through 2013. Let’s take this opportunity to laugh at Drew until our insides hurt.
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