Big Daddy Drew Reacts to the Jared Allen Trade

04.23.08 9 years ago 52 Comments

And thus ensued a great e-mail thread slap fight between Drew and the Maj for reasons homersexual in nature.

Maj: But they did more than just that. The Vikings also signed Allen to one of the largest contracts in NFL history, a six-year, $74 million deal with $31 million in guarantees.

/laughs uncontrollably

I have no problem whatsoever with that contract. He’s arguably the best defensive end in the league.

Maj: Your boys are giving 31 mil guaranteed to a white guy who doesn’t play quarterback. You be fucked.

Drew: Did you expect a DPOY candidate to cost $2.50? Giving $20 million combined to B-Lloyd and Randle El is being fucked. Giving $31 million to a proven All-Pro still in his prime is, uh, not dumb.

Maj: Did they already come out with the ’08 DPOY candidate list?

Drew: They had the most cap room of any team in the league. I thought the Williams signing was idiotic. I think this signing is good.

They front load the cap hit on all their contracts, so that they don’t have cap issues further down the line. They’re the opposite of the Redskins.

Allen was a DPOY candidate in 2007, retard.

Maj: There is no such thing as a DPOY candidate! It’s not like they nominate four guys and pick one.

What does any of that have to do with the Redskins? I think it’s been established that they’re run by fucktards.

Drew: Yes, but it’s fun to point it out constantly.


Whoa whoa whoa, prickly Penelopes. See how even the slightest whiff of NFL news turns us from latent to flaming?

Could such sublimated animosity spill over into our mock draft? Maybe just verbosity.

hat tip to The Internet is Terrible for the vike pic

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