Bilal – “Restart”

08.18.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

“Have we come too far, to turn it all back around? Or is it too late, to start again?”

Mr. Oliver gave you your Free song, and now he’ll give you another in “Restart.” But folks, it’s time to start thinking about shelling out your dollars for this artisan of all things Soul.

Bilal gave us “Free” after coming off a progressive album called Love For Sale that was never really for sale because we, the keyboard elite, downloaded the crap out of it like diamond thieves in a turd-cave industry that may or may not have let the burglars in the back door. That he forgave enough to shake off ill will and give us yet another track for free, is beyond me. Here we get the first single from his forthcoming Airtight’s Revenge. This one is just as aptly titled, as he had to restart the process of album creation under the hope and prayer that this one wouldn’t be hijacked and shelved.

Thank God for release dates. September is coming up quickly, so be prepared to open your wallets for a man who deserves it and has worked doubly hard for his due diligence. Airtight’s Revenge is crazy.

Bilal – “Restart” | Download

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