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Every day until voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards closes (that’s today!), we’ll have a new celebrity endorsing us and encouraging you to vote KSK for Best Sports Blog. And, should these celebrities be MALE, and possess a surplus of chest hair and short shorts, well, we can’t help who chooses to love us. For you sweet ladyfolk, today’s BONUS celebrity endorser is none other than the man himself, Burt Reynolds. Burt, what do YOU think of KSK?

“Fuck your pissy little blog. I’m here to talk about Burt. Go ahead, ladies. Stare. It’s all right. God gave me this gorgeous body for you to enjoy. Feast your eyes on a REAL FUCKING MAN for a change.

“Boy, they don’t make stars like they used to, do they? You think Josh Hartnett could look this good on a bearskin rug with a pack of rich Camel unfiltereds? It’s nothing but a bunch of waxed little boys out there. Lucky for you, ol’ Burt still delivers the goods. Go ahead and touch yourselves, ladies. Sally Field liked to hit ol’ rotary phone dial in front of yours truly. I’m no stranger to that game.”

Thanks, Burt! And be sure to vote today, even if you’re still throwing up at the pictures!

UPDATE: To assauge are you genuinely angry lady readers, here’s RYAN Reynolds.

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