Broing It Up With Jay Glazer Made Getting Fired Totally Worth It

04.24.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

A.J. Clemente, the guy who was fired from a local North Dakota news station for blurting “f*cking sh*t” on the air on his first day, is enjoying the fleeting celebrity that comes from cussing on TV when you shouldn’t. On Wednesday morning, he got a pep talk on “Today” by Tom Brokaw. That wasn’t only the stentorian voice of Greatest Generation love that he encountered. There are other journalism luminaries to meet! Clemente also ran into Jay Glazer and got to throw up ridiculous hand gestures with the most respected bro in the journalism community. Enjoy the media tour while it lasts, pal. The part when you get lectured about the dangers of impropriety by Bob Costas won’t be nearly as fun.

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