Brown – “The Dollar Menu Ballad” Video

06.27.14 3 years ago 14 Comments


“I dropped out for this rap sh*t
And I knew that was gonna be a big risk
But if I knew then what I knew now
I would’ve done a lot of sh*t different…”

Prior to publishing Brown’s 7:22 earlier this week, hesitation resided. Not necessarily for dedicating words to the EP. It was a project I felt firmly about and one deserving enough to be highlighted. Did it reinvent the wheel and how Hip-Hop would be heard for the next decade?

Not exactly, but as noted previously, there was a certain believability factor that stood out. I was more so hesitant about the reaction (or lack thereof).

Thankfully, I was proven wrong and through a welcomed sense of irony, highlighting Brown proved to be perfect timing as Nashville’s young gun let loose of his visual for the project’s finest moment (IMO), “The Dollar Menu Ballad.”

Taking full use of Mickey D’s famed (affordable) spread, Brown splurges – who knew spending $55 at one time in Ronald McDonald’s crib was even possible? – for an accompanying kickback with friends. The video’s vibe is upbeat, somewhat a contrast to the song’s fighting mentality, but a pairing that works well nonetheless.

Click here to listen to the rest of Brown’s debut 7:22 EP.

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