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10.30.13 4 years ago 40 Comments


The entire E:60 on Beef Moe is worth watching, but his reaction to getting drafted by Buffalo is the highlight.  Scroll to 5:05 and find out that while the Bills are technically the only team in New York, the Jets and Giants (and like 3 other teams) are closer to Jay-Z.

– Jerry Jones thinks Deion Sanders in his prime could have shut down Calvin Johnson.  Because if there’s one thing the Cowboys could do right now, it’s fit a shutdown cornerback’s salary under the cap.

– Wanna run a football team?  Marrying a crazy billionaire’s daughter seems a lot easier than earning the money yourself.

– If you’re a Bucs or Jags fan it’s time to start thinking about the draft, and Todd McShay likes Marcus Mariota more than Teddy Bridgewater.  I’m sure Nolan Nawrocki does too.

– Goldman Sachs alum/Grantland writer Katie Baker breaks down why that Arian Foster IPO is mostly BS.  Sports business reporter Darren Rovell continues to leave the actual reporting up to talented people.

This is why Twitter is changing.  Remember, keep calm and laugh at anyone who expected something on the Internet to stay the same.

Men have it so much easier than women, yo.

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