Saturday Matinee – Cam’ron’s ‘Killa Season’

11.23.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

killa-season movie poster

Ladies and gentlemen, with these words I present to you the greatest creative achievement of our generation. And also Cam’ron’s Killa Season.

About the best way to describe K.S. is “poetic train wreck.” Sure, the budget filming the movie was probably less than Killa’s weekly weed allowance, and sure, a cameraman can be seen in one scene, but turning away from the movie and denying oneself the opportunity to see Hell Rell’s “best supporting actor in a drama” performance? Well, that’s impossible. And why would anyone want to?

Being as biased as I am when it relates to most anything Cam’ron and Dipset-related, take these words with a grain of salt. Every aspect of Killa Season is so off-base, so unrealistic (at times), so everything Paid In Full was not, and so WTF-worthy, that the movie becomes one of those films where you tell yourself, “I’ve got to see how this ends just off the strength Cam’ron may really be the Black Larry David.”

And why hasn’t someone at HBO pitched this idea around yet? The only thing with more potential to be great than a Cam’ron/Larry David show is the 2014 NBA Draft class.

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