Cats Of All Sizes Love To Get High

08.05.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Dude, that stick is talking to me, man.

The folks at

Next time you find yourself face-to-face with a tiger, lion, leopard or jaguar, don’t run. Just drop a big bag of catnip at their feet, and watch ’em get just as stoned as your house cat does. [TheAwesomer]

I will keep that in mind.  Why, just the other day I was in the supermarket and a lion asked me where the cereal aisle was, and I screamed gibberish and threw oranges at him until the police arrived.  If only I would have known a big bag of catnip could have saved me.  Also, it may not have been a lion.  It may have been a dude in a Lions jersey.  I was pretty high.  Speaking of high, (SEGUE OF THE CENTURY) here are some stoned big cats:

[inset pic via AnimalsOnDrugs]

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