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09.04.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

Cham. Fam. Please don’t take this the wrong way.

I’ve been listening to what was referred to as your new single, “Good Morning” on and off since it hit the net earlier this week and quite frankly, it makes me feel like a music snob. It’s a pure, heartfelt piece of marketable music…that I just can’t allow myself to enjoy.

For one, Pimp C already flipped that Petty sample to perfection on Pimpalation. But I don’t need to tell you that. Second, you can’t say you’re not affected by the ‘haters’ and then make a whole song about them. Especially when you’ve proved the haters wrong, man. Let it go. You get paid to do what you love and have achieved more success than 85% of your competition. Easily. How many of those ‘haters’ can say they’ve had a Grammy-winning Top 10 record, helped pioneer an Internet hip-hop movement, then parlayed it into an unyielding global fan base who’ll stick with them through the fat and skinny? Let’s put it this way, the ones that can definitely aren’t hating.

Sure, feelings of plateauing probably linger in the dome, leading to that constant resentment in your lyrics, but you’ve seen The Peak. What did you expect? Any further and you’ll be knuckling up alongside Yeezy over a Canon 17-55. You don’t want that.

My humbled suggestion…move on. Instead of using an uplifting anthem as braggadocio to address sour situations and insignificant neigh sayers, use it to give me a song about something new. Take one of the hundreds of things you’ve seen that I haven’t and blow my mind. Please. I own the aptly-titled Ultimate Victory, and have ogled over the pictures a few times. So I know you’ve seen things Beware The Plumber only watches from the boob tube. Show me that.

You’ve got it all. Flow. Bars. Concepts. Wit. Vocal range. Buzz. Everything.

So why am I left waiting for you to reach your potential?


Download — Chamillionaire – “Good Morning”


Young Capone – D Boy’s Dream

Cormega – Journey

Jay Rock Feat. Jaheim – Momma Don’t Cry

Kurupt & Roscoe Feat. Jayo Felony – I’m Bout Mine

Daniel Joseph – Slow Down

Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)

Triple C Feat. Yo Gotti – Yams Pt 2


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