Chamillionaire – “Watching Breaking Bad”

02.15.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


While half the artists in rap see their talent dwindle over time, Chamillionaire has never lost a step. Although he’s seen his fair share of high and lows, the creativity this Houston Texan brings to the table has remained at the top of the pack for some time and his latest release “Watching Breaking Bad” only reinforces the fact.

The extremely well-produced story song features singer Tami Latrell and is based around his rocky relationship with the woman he loves, who never gives him a break – even though he provides her with everything she has.

Seeing the parallel between himself and the driving theme behind everyone’s favorite AMC series, Cham intertwines his real life and Heisenberg’s fictional tale, delivering a five-minute audible episode that caries high anxiety and reminds us why Koopa has had one of the nicest notepads in Hip-Hop for some time now.

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