Chance Fischer – “The Intent” Video

05.15.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

To my knowledge, this is Chance Fischer’s first solo visual and we have Rob Roby of S.O.U.L. Live Media (an acronym for Saving Our Universal Language) to credit. The Richmond native brings his lyrics to life in the video for his The Preview EP: So Soleful single,”The Intent.”

The video finds Chance at the grand entrance of a cathedral adorned in his signature laurel wreath. Music as redemption has been a consistent theme throughout his work, and “The Intent” demonstrates a monolithic Chance giving his “testimony” on the church’s steps. Reflections of Richmond’s Confederate history are flashed in the video detailing a deeper meaning behind what “making it” from the Capital City entails.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet Chance several times and he’s a fashionable guy to say the least. His time spent in the Ivy League may have something to do with it, but watching the video I couldn’t shake the feeling he and Brother Mouzone visit the same tailor. That’s no shade either. The Muslim murderer-for-hire was one of my favorite characters from The Wire.

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