Chiefs Apparently Playing 2014 Without Secondary

07.31.14 3 years ago 49 Comments

For a team that got embarrassed and destroyed by having a cheesecloth secondary in the playoffs last year, the Chiefs sure haven’t made moves to secure that side of their defense, whether or not it’s because of salary cap space or bad luck with injuries. First, they released Pro Bowler, and occasional Jim Steinman-worshipping Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers who got picked up by division rivals San Diego. Then today they experienced a decimation not seen since the Roughnecks invaded Klendathu.



Followed by Jamaal Charles LITERALLY breaking Sanders Commings’ ankle with a juke, because Chiefs practice is just NFL Blitz now.

Reports indicate GM Dorsey has been rolodexing furiously searching for Adam Archuleta’s latest whereabouts.

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