100-Word Review: Cloud Nothings’ ‘Here And Nowhere Else’

04.24.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

Cloud Nothings 'Here And Nowhere Else' Album Cover

Every spring, a rock ‘n’ roll record drops that doesn’t stop getting played until the following March. Cloud Nothing’s third LP, Here And Nowhere Else, is 2014’s. Songs like “Now Hear In” and “I’m Not Part of Me” toss hooks like slam-dancers, and “Pattern Walks”–despite its noodling–slowly escalates to a pop-punk crescendo over the screeched words “I thought,” leaving more room for listeners to ruminate on the songs themselves and not the lyrics.

This is lead singer Dylan Baldi’s whole ethos–less lyrics, more music–because really: who gives a f*ck about existential angst when you can’t shake eight super-catchy tracks?

Standout Songs: “Now Hear In,” “Psychic Trauma,” “I’m Not Part of Me”
Songs to Skip: N/A

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