Coming Attractions: Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low “Sprite”

04.15.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

It wasn’t until the HoopxHang event at SXSW that I cared at all about LeBron’s line of shoes. If not for that event and the LeBron’s that came with them, me and Tins’ original man-crush’s shoes would have gone about our separate ways, never to cross paths.

But as soon as I put my feet in the LeBron 8 V.2’s on that fateful spring afternoon, I was hooked. Those shoes are the most comfortable kicks I’ve ever worn. They’re like blowies for your feet. Now, the fact that an unforgettable colorway is attached to the shoes, I’m going to have to break my self-imposed $150 ceiling and buy these. Thank goodness they’re dropping this summer as I’m all about shorts and a tee to let the kicks shine.

And Gotty™ cosigns these, so if you call them ugly, you’re judging based on my past transgressions. Haters.

Seen: classicshoe via Sole Collector

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