Coming Soon: ‘Gronkin’ With The Gronkowskis’

07.26.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Flabby Gronk is already my favorite

The Gronkowski family has three sons in the NFL, Rob being the most famous and generally shirtless of the bunch, plus another that currently plays college football. That’s a prolific football family, even if they don’t get the crushing attention of the Mannings, but then who does? That could start to change now that talent agency William Morris Endeavor is in talks with Gronk to develop a reality show around the Gronks.

I wish Gronk had been around for the early aughts when the Patriots were actually winning Super Bowls. Granted, his presence would have just meant New England wins those titles more convincingly, but at least there would have been a counter to the “OW-AH GUYS AHHHH SELFLESS NO-NAME LUNCHPAIL TEAM-FAHHHHST GRINDAHHHHS” narrative that surrounded those early Belichick teams before Tom Brady “GAWT AWLLLL HAWLLYWOOD PUSS ON US”. Ah well.

As far as reality shows go, you could do worse, and television executives certainly have. “The T.O. Show”, for example. Given that the Gronks do things like boast about crossing streams in the bathroom at award shows, there’s potential for hilarity. They also actually do things with their lives. That’s never exactly been a criterion for getting a reality show, but tends to give producers a little more to work with. Unless they just plan to constantly stage fights between the brothers, which I think is a workable concept as well.

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