Construda Regional Final: No. 1 Viking vs. No. 6 Chief. WHO YA GOT?

04.03.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

The Chief has already withstood one battle against a band of seafaring marauders in addition to the anguish of killing one of his own. Now, it’s back to the seafaring marauders, just this time they don’t have guns. Apparently you voters have taken an about-face on the top seeds and Chief is the biggest underdog going into the round. Who advances to meet the TIGAH!?

-In pairs, have amusing viral videos.
-Makes a nice refrigerator
-Again, probably named Leif
-Ragnarök an effective spell in Final Fantasy III

-Is Ralph Wiggum in Dreamland
-Just signed Gus Frerrote (Again!)
Thor movie will probably suck
-Beloved by Drew
-Inspired the Nazis (probably all that blond hair)
-Rare breed of extinct white people

-Cigar store Indian very imposing
-slang for smoking weed
-Would like to clear up the myths about this scalping business
-Headdress distractingly flamboyant

-Leader of side that lost
-Defined by job title
-Can be used as patronizing term of affection
-Rain Dance of little use in this case
-Possibly named Chief-Loses-To-Viking

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