Cripwear On Sale Right Now!

09.30.11 6 years ago 16 Comments

Maurice Garland sent this picture over and I was immediately at a loss for words.

I’m not anymore, so let’s talk.

Let’s start by giving the people at Matix the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they met up with a council of Crips and discovered that the gang members have a secret chemical factory where they manufacture their own specific color of blue that they use for their gear. Then, after getting permission from the Crip council, they duplicated this very particular color using similar chemical compounds. And once they were able to establish the color, they patented it and created a shirt in the official Crip Plaid. Kind of like Carolina Blue.

Or it could just be royal blue and the people at Matix are just really f*cking morons. This is kind of like Victoria’s Secret marketing “Hoe-length Skirts” or something. I don’t know the guys at Matix so I’m not going to call them racist or anything like that. But I will say that this is a really stupid idea that makes it seem like being part of a gang is some sort of means to accessorize and be cool. I wonder if there were any kids that saw the description of “Crip Plaid” and bought the shirt to look like an actual Crip.

You should definitely stop by Maurice’s spot and see what he has to say as well. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for an official statement from the good folks at Matix…for as long as they stay in business.

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