Cross Your Fingers: Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Could Tour Together

01.25.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

Who says dreams don’t come true? After witnessing the successful tour that found Kanye and Jay-Z coexisting as The Throne, there are murmurs that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle may be orchestrating something similar for comedy fans. Although the rumored story is still the incubator stages, Vulture is reporting that Chris was so inspired by the Roc Boys, he’s been trying to convince his reclusive homie to come back from the boonies and take their comedic royalty tour on the road.

“During a chat with Vulture about his movie 2 Days In New York (which will run in full on Thursday), Rock briefly talked about to us about his upcoming projects, and…he’s pretty excited to go out on tour. ‘I’ve been talking to Chappelle a lot. Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour,’ he told us. Those reports had surfaced briefly in October, but we’d heard nothing since then; is Rock really going to make this a reality? ‘You know I’m not the hard one,’ he said, laughing.”

Not only should they do it, they should do it soon, as tax money is about flood in and people will undoubtedly be looking to splurge. The question is, will there be enough demand for a comedy show, in general, to make this a stadium tour? Or, will the fact it’s only for laughs lead this to smaller venues and in turn, make getting tickets next to impossible?

Actually, before we get in over our heads with questions, let’s just pray Rock can even get him on the phone. We already know how Dave works.

Credit: Vulture via Prefix

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