Dave Chappelle’s ‘Fallon’ Appearance Is Another Confirmation That He’s Just Way Funnier Than Everyone Else

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
06.14.14 33 Comments

Dave Chappelle continues his temporary NYC takeover, performing a run of shows at Radio City Music Hall and doing accompanying press to go along with it. On Friday’s episode of Fallon, the funnyman stops through to talk shop and, while not as revealing and thoughtful as the Letterman interview from earlier in the week, it’s classic, hilarious Chappelle telling stories ranging from tales about Prince, his kids and befriending his imposters on social media.

And one of the funnier moments happens in the video below as he recounts his famous Kanye story (it begins around the 3:00 mark) that goes to show two things.

1. Like Kevin Hart said in the GQ piece, Dave’s on another level of funny in comparison to others. Like Richard Pryor at his peak of sorts in how effortless he can be. Like, this guy could talk about growing a Chia Pet and make it sound like a riot.

2. Kanye’s always been Kanye. Yes, we know that but hearing it confirmed in the most offbeat of ways only cements the fact.

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