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02.13.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

People ask me what would I tell a new artist starting out and, without fail, my answer is usually the same: don’t do it, don’t even bother. The first challenge posed to an artist is managing to have his or her music heard outside the confines of a makeshift studio. They expend immeasurable energy – online and off – asking anyone to stop and pay attention long enough to please listen to and appreciate their demo. And like a junkie chasing that first high, they’ll keep pushing against the odds for an end that may never be achieved.

Then again, I’ve never rapped so how would I know.

For a more reliable source of info, there comes the new documentary DEMOS: An Independent Artists’ Guide To Success to explain the ups and downs associated with this thing called rap. Created and directed by film vet Kareem Fort, DEMOS pulls in a who’s who (and even a few who ain’ts) to detail their journey from early creations sold by hand-to-hand, artist-to-fan transactions to working their way in being recognizable names. For fans, we’ll get to see and hear from the likes of Talib, Crooked I, No ID, DJ Quik, Skyzoo, El Prez and more as they explain the plight faced by both indie and major label musicians.

The film may discourage a few weekend rhymers, but for those who have the drive to make it, the film should play out like a road map to success. Of course, nobody in the flick can help upstarts get around the speed bumps and roadblocks they’ll face. But at least they’ll know what they’ll face if they still want to be in show business.

DEMOS will begin showing in May. Click through to for additional info regarding screenings and more.

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