Guilt-Free Listening: DJ Khaled’s ‘Suffering From Success’ Album Stream

10.23.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

dj khaled suffering from success

When is it acceptable to have 25+ guest features on your album? The answer is when you’re DJ Khaled and your record is Suffering From Success.

I take that back. Acceptable might be wrong or at least misleading. The notion of loading a project with that many different characters just is with Khaled. Is as in what we’ve come to expect. While he’s no executive producer in the range of a Quincy Jones or Prince Paul, if we’re sticking with rap, Khaled’s always managed to bring together a wide group of rappers and put them in one place. We’ll assume there’s a working chemistry or connection involved where they want to be involved, otherwise there’s no budget out there to cover the costs. The DJ’s friends give him verses – some, doing multiple appearances – on the hook up and he’s relishes in it. The upside is the more artists involved on each song means less available space for Khaled to yell on.

Listen for free before purchasing Suffering… from iTunes.

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