Doo-Wop – 95 Live Mixtapes

06.17.08 9 years ago 31 Comments

For all y’all that don’t like the Squad … ya better Bounce.”

Clear some space on your hard drive. We’re about to have some fun today.

Coming out of the gate, we’ll bring the ruckus with these two tapes that should be a staple in every Hip-Hop collection. Every time I post these old Clue & Doo-Wop tapes, they go almost unnoticed…but I keep postin’ them anyways for those that want’em.

What was so “monumental” about these joints is Doo-Wop’s ability to get together a complete selection of heavy hitters to rhyme over jacked instrumentals. Anybody that was hot in ’95, they’re on these. Plus, let us not forget the twenty minute freestyle that opened up 95 Live.

What’s good about these versions of 95 Live is, instead of like most mixtapes, they’re tracked and not two A & B mp3s. Take’em straight to CD or the mp3 player & enjoy!

Doo Wop – 95 Live

Doo Wop – 95 Live Part 2

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