Listen To Coke Bumaye’s ‘Shadow Boxing In The Dark’ Because Your Ears Deserve It

01.09.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

coke bumaye

Sometimes, finding the right words to express to you guys how dope something is can be difficult. Sometimes I just want to yell, “this is really dope, guys!” and scream it until everyone who visits TSS clicks on the link and listens.

Coke Bumaye is your uncle. He’s the guy who doesn’t quite sound like he got his PhD at Harvard, but he’s just as wise as any professor you’ll ever come across. Coke, as his name suggests, is ostensibly a drug rapper, but, at its heart, he’s a survival rapper. He offers some of the most common sense tips of the trade in the most easily digestible ways.

His latest, Shadow Boxing In The Dark is yet another example of Coke’s sermon. He tears through reimagined mainstream beats, putting his own spin on each track. This may seem like high praise, but honestly, Coke Bumaye stands amongst any other MC for realistic, undeniably raw tales of the other side of the tracks.

Listen, download and visit his old discography so you can say you listened before people were tatting his bars on their torsos.

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