Three Questions With Dizzy Wright x “Free SmokeOut Conversations” Mixtape

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Las Vegas emcee Dizzy Wright hasn’t even got done pushing his criminally slept-on album SmokeOut Conversations from earlier this year before hitting his fans with another project. This one’s called the Free SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape and, just like the title says, you don’t have to fork over a dime to listen to it.

The album has been one of our favorites of the year so far and Dizzy’s trying to maintain a perfect shooting percentage with the follow-up tape. His single “Can’t Trust ‘Em” made our May Crew Love and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he might have a slot on this month’s edition too. But hey, we can only rant and rave so much before running out of breath. Now it’s time to hear straight from Dizzy’s mouth how he can possibly have so much quality material for his listeners and why you shouldn’t delay listening to him any longer than you already have.

1. You’ve always been saying you’re going to make it big without a major record deal and Funk Volume’s picking up momentum. Do you think that majors are as necessary now?

They’re not really needed. I pretty much have full access to all the same tools majors use to blow a artist up and all I needed was my army. At this point, I’m focused on the fans.

2. Most people release a mixtape first and then an album. You’re going the other way. You dropped SmokeOut Conversations on 4-20 and, now a few weeks later, you’ve got the Free SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape. What’s the science behind the order reversal?

The album was suppose to be a mixtape in the first place, but when I came to the table with my material, the people in my camp felt all the music was album material, so we switched it to an album. But in that time I did a few records with samples such as “Wake Up” and “Let The Song Repeat” that couldn’t make the album. But I wasn’t gonna hold on to them forever, so I decided to give the fans who supported the album more music, and get the new fans from the mixtape to go support the album.

3. “Solo Dolo” was one of those tracks that was well-received by so many. On the Free SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape, is there a track that’s comparable with “Solo…”? That one song you know everybody’s going to latch on to immediately?

“Independent Living” featuring SwizZz and Hopsin. And I say that because we took the in the now and made a statement.

Download Dizzy’s new project, Free SmokeOut Conversations, the 10-track release which includes features from SwizZz, Hopsin, Jarren Benton and more. Follow Dizzy on Twitter at @DizzyWright.

DownloadDizzy Wright – Free SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape

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