On The “Presidential Podcast,” Showboys & The Significance Of “Drag Rap”

01.05.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Lost in all the New Year’s Eve excitement , DJ Burn One and Dibiase snuck in one more installment of everyone’s favorite weekly dose of country rap tunes, their Presidential podcast. They switched roles for week seven with Burn One handling the chopped and screwed mix alongside doses of new and classic Southern tracks. Dibiase set his portion off with a dope New Orleans bounce tribute mix featuring many of the songs based on the Showboys’ classic “Drag Rap.” The 1986 track forms a big part of the foundation of New Orleans’ Hip-Hop history, featuring a number of melodies and samples that will be quite familiar to anyone familiar with the Cash Money catalog or bounce music in general.

While I was listening to Dibiase mix a series of records that sampled “Drag Rap,” it struck me that I had originally heard the track on Profile Records’ Diggin in the Crates compilation, which also featured classics from Run-DMC, Dana Dane and Pebblee-Poo. When I checked that CD out of the public library as a thirteen-year-old, I knew it was going to hip me to some old school Hip-Hop tracks I wasn’t up on, but had no idea that I would be hearing a record that would grow to have such an influence on a music scene 1300 miles away (as well as in Memphis, which seems to have also embraced that record to the fullest). The Showboys are nowhere to be found these days but “Drag Rap” lives on through the samples of Mannie Fresh, DJ Paul and an incalculable number of other producers in the New Orleans and Memphis.

All personal bias aside, Presidential is a dope series featuring a balanced mix of classics you should know and new music you should get up on if you’re not already familiar. The two DJs also caved to public demand and have started providing the tracklist to the latest installment of their weekly adventures.

Presidential 7: Side A With DJ Burn One

Presidential 7: Side B With DJ Dibiase

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