Malcolm & Martin Were…Criminal Minded

11.18.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Yesterday, everybody in the inbox got short-changed. Standard procedure calls for me to wake up, smoke a few cigs and then start sifting for mp3 gold via the submissions that land overnight or from previous days. After clicking through a few emails, the cover art for Malcolm & Martin… grabbed me so I pressed play…and that was pretty much it for the day.

I was going to type an superfluous opus about the project but it seemed wasteful, considering that most of you will either skip this post because the artists are unfamiliar or the diehards will skip the words and go to the album stream like they always do. Therefore, I’ll just share the meat and potatoes.

— Malcolm & Martin is actually a stage named adopted by emcees Styliztik Jones and KB iMean, along with DJ Revolution steering the wheels.

— Two types of listeners are likely to enjoy this tape. The first group falls in the age bracket of those who were old enough to experience BDP’s first two albums in their youth. The second group comes from people who still spin Screwball’s Y2K: The Album and recommend it as required listening. I occupy residency in both groups.

— As doubly audacious as it seems to take on two pillars of the Black community – invoking the names of slain Civil Rights leaders and the beats from BDP’s debut album – these guys pull it off spendidly. The rhymes come hard and the content isn’t so much politically charged as its socially aware. All of the angst and energy both emcees feel, they’re able to accurately put it all into words. DJ Revolution adds in the turntabilism elements that push this over the top.

Those words out of the way, give this joint a listen.

1. MLK Returns (Intro) 01:13
2. Poetry 03:29
3. Get Stomped 02:58
4. 9MM 02:38
5. Word From Our Sponsor 02:21
6. Dope Beat 04:00
7. Elementary 02:27
8. MP3 Is Free 03:32
9. Pigs Is Over ft. Bambu 03:54
10. Superhoe 02:24
11. Criminal Minded 02:50

DownloadDJ Revolution Presents Malcolm & Martin Were…Criminal Minded

For more info, check out Malcolm and Martin on Facebook and

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