Mariah Carey – “Imperfect”

05.11.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Since nobody’s perfect, we figured this unreleased Mimi could get some burn.

After all, getting wine wasted and acting an ass at awards shows isn’t all bad (lie). Neither is marrying Nick Cannon (lie). So, Mimi, if Tricky Stewart brings some of strings epic enough for a battle intro in the 300 sequel–and the best you can come up with is this aptly-titled ode to incorrect–well, that’s alright (lie).

When it comes down to it, you’re still smokin’ like Mystikal in ’97 and those thick ol’ sticks of yours could back it up our way any two days of the week.

No lie.

Mariah Carey – “Imperfect” (Produced By Tricky Stewart) | Download

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