The Son Of Earline

09.14.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

If there’s one thing I learned about Playboy Tre from The Last Call, it’s that he has nothing to hide. The man lays absolutely everything out on wax: the strong, the weak; the funny, the sad. But because Hip-Hop is such a macho genre, it’s extremely difficult to be this revealing, especially if it means exposing insecurities and vulnerability. If done in an incorrect way, it can destroy an artist’s image, and ultimately everything he stands for.

And while he could have effortlessly rapped about how gritty and tough he is, in “Earline’s Son,” Playboy Tre chose to travel another route by rhyming about certain circumstances that have impacted his life and shaped him into the man he is today. For instance, it would have been so simple to declare that he gutted through his parents’ divorce and didn’t let it affect him. But that wasn’t true. Really, it left him heartbroken and miserable. Or Tre could have also easily claimed that he got shot and bounced back, like it was nothing. But in reality, he was almost killed and the aftermath of the shooting led to a falling out with his father.

Imperfections are not easy to admit, and though some may perceive his shortcomings as weaknesses all they really reveal is that Playboy Tre is a human being with authentic emotions and human feelings. He’s not a mythical figure who lives his life constantly popping bottles, hitting the clubs and blowing obscene amounts of money. Tre presents himself as an ambitious man who values family and responsibilities above everything. When it’s all said and done, he will always be first and formost Tre Montgomery, “Earline’s Son.”

Nothing less, nothing more.

“Playboy Tre Feat. Asia Bryant – “Earline’s Son” | Download

Download — Playboy Tre – The Last Call

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