And This Is Why Drake Will Never Lose

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If Kennedy Brown, her friends or her family ever come across this corner of the Internet, allow me to offer my apologies first and foremost. F*ck cancer.

Yet and still, the story of the teenage Houstonian and how her wish came to fruition should warm every heart. Fifteen-year-old Kennedy has taken the fight to brain cancer for the better part of two years.

Unfortunately her strength is waning. Kennedy Brown’s fight with cancer has become so tough for her that we regret to inform you that she is now in Hospice care. Her classmates at Carnegie Vanguard High in Houston were so moved by her courage, and so deeply saddened by the implications of her being in hospice care that they made sure she got to experience the prom every teenage girl dreams about.

Realizing the majority of life has already been experienced at only 15 has to be a surreal feeling. An unfair one, too. Thanks to six of her closest friends, faculty and staff at Carnegie Vanguard High, Kennedy’s had the time of her life as of late. Not only was she given her own impromptu prom, diploma and graduation ceremony, she was able to meet her favorite team’s mascot, “Clutch” of the Houston Rockets.

The plan is to hopefully get James Harden, Dwight Howard, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly to carve time out of their schedules to spend a few moments with one of their team’s biggest hometown supporters.

Kennedy had one more wish, however, perhaps more enticing. She wanted to meet her favorite musician, Drake. As with most grassroots initiatives these days, a hashtag was created (#DrakeForKen). Lo and behold, too, Drake was made aware of the movement. The OVO head honcho originally intended to send a video message to Kennedy.

Given time to consider the magnitude of the situation – and probably how much Houston has played a role in the meteoric rise in his career – Aubrey decided that wasn’t enough and canceled everything on his schedule to meet Kennedy face-to-face. And here’s visual proof. Not a bad cap off for a week that included him being labeled the biggest bandwagon fan in American sports.

Nevermind the memes, the .gifs, the jokes about his singing or whether or not dude’s music is your cup of tea. Salute to Drake for this. Even more importantly, however, all prayers to Kennedy. Keep kicking cancer’s ass. Myself and the rest of TSS are praying for you, Ebony Nettles-Bey and every other person taking the fight to the illness.

Your move, Lolo.







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