Drew Brees Is Bringing Movie Cosplay To A Biblical Level

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03.24.14 52 Comments

Because they’re really famous people and worshipped as gods among mere mortals, Drew Brees and his wife got to check out a screening of Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming biblical epic Noah the other night, and because they’re just the most wholesome and squeaky clean couple in the NFL, they decided to dress up for it. Drew was, of course, Noah and Brittany took on the role of Noah’s wife, Naameh. And because he’s such a devout Christian, I assume that Drew didn’t ask his wife to part the popcorn during the movie to find his giraffe poking through the hole, but I’ll just believe that he did since he didn’t say otherwise.

Seahawks DE Michael Bennett didn’t really care about the costumes or the movie itself, because he had a much more serious and to-the-point response for Drew:

Michael Bennett tweet

Damn it, Drew Brees, quit being all high and mighty and answer the damn question.

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