Eagles-Redskins MNF Live Blog, Second Half

09.09.13 4 years ago 712 Comments

RGIII came out telling Lisa Salters that he felt like Hitch, probably because Gatorade bought the rights to it somehow. Through the first quarter, it was all about the Eagles running all of the plays and Washington making all of the derps. Alfred Morris fumbled twice, once resulting in a yet another Week 1 safety. RGIII threw a Sex Cannon-like interception and has otherwise looked timid, not stepping into throws and missing everything beyond five yards.

Other than Ryan Kerrigan, no Washington player has done anything other than pick up a lateral deflected at the line. And even though it’s already a burgeoning blowout, it’s still shocking that the Eagles aren’t up 45 at half. Not that the Redskins stand much of a chance either way unless RGIII gets his form back in the span of halftime. Even that not be enough to bridge the deficit the way the ‘Skins defense is playing.

Oh, and Chip is starting to use things like this:


The Eagles have 53 plays in the first half, which is as many as the Steelers had in their entire loss to the Titans. Which is probably why they have a lot more points.

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