Ed Reed Was Talking Trash About Charlie Batch After Losing To Charlie Batch

12.03.12 5 years ago 66 Comments

Look, by no means do I know everything there is to know about football, but even I know one of the cardinal rules of the sport is “if your team just lost a game to Charlie Batch, you should probably just shut the f*ck up until further notice.” Apparently Ed Reed is unaware of this bedrock principle of the game he’s spent a lifetime playing.

When [Bernard] Pollard was asked if he was surprised Batch was able to make some of the throws he did on a day when he had 276 passing yards, he said (via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), “No, he is a professional quarterback. He is on the roster for a reason…”

At which point Reed interjected with a “Bull(expletive)” masked by a cough.

Reed said Batch’s performance was “…not surprising at all,” before adding “Well, maybe a little bit,” while Pollard was slightly more diplomatic.

Most of the really tedious postgame discussion centered on whether there was tension or even how much tension there was in the handshake between Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh. Oh noes! A somewhat uneasy interaction in a frenzied atmosphere? Let’s spend the next 72 hours parsing their tiniest mannerisms while projecting feelings. Seriously, unless coaches are yelling obscenities at one another or chasing each other around the field, who gives a sh*t?

Anyway, Ed Reed had an interception of Batch and he’s right that Charlie Batch is only a serviceable quarterback by the loosest of definitions. All the more reason why Ballhawk should STFU after his constantly vaunted defense just allowed Charlie “Dry-Bones” Batch to put up 10 points in the fourth quarter and come from behind to beat the Ravens in Baltimore.

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