Eminem Discusses Production, Passion For Rap, Surviving Fame & Sobriety In Part Two Of Zane Lowe Interview

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11.19.13 8 Comments

The next episode in Eminem’s sit-down with Zane Lowe finds the two chit-chatting about production, the growth in his lyrics and finding a balance with commercial success. At one point, Lowe comments that MMLP2‘s production sounds like rap again and Shady acknowledges “(Rap) is pretty much all I do and all I wanna do…I’m still passionate about Hip-Hop and every aspect of it.”

They also delve into the notion that, even despite the huge sales totals, the Detroit-born rapper doesn’t have to focus on the concept of popularity aka “The Monster” he rapped about. “As far as like being a pop star, I never intended to be any of that,” he explains to Lowe. “All I ever wanted to do was get respect from my peers and other rappers. All the other stuff that came with it was just confusing to me. I don’t feel like I ever set out to make a pop song or a song that was gonna be some kind of crossover song.”

Towards the end of the clip, Shady describes how he survived being in the middle of the chaos fame creates, attributing it to sobriety by explaining “I’m able to be more focused…and able to put it in perspective.”

Even though I’ve never been a pure fan, Marshall’s proving himself to be clear-headed and aware, making the conversation a deep look into the mind of one of rap’s gods. If you missed part one, watch and listen here.

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