Event: “Teese Atlanta” Party Presented By SYGU + Connection DJs

07.05.12 5 years ago

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt–that tee you might have gotten at a small shop out of town or from an unknown brand’s online shop with a clever slogan or dope graphic on it that makes you proud every time you wear it. Picking and choosing just what night to wear that particular article of clothing can be a challenge–you want to maximize the number of people who see it and the cool points it brings you, but you don’t want to wear it out.

To that end, for the past five years there has been a summer event in St Louis put on by SYGU called Teese which was created just so partygoers can show off their short sleeve swag. After four years of STL sellouts and branching out to DC last year, SYGU (pronounced “si-goo”) has linked with the Connection DJs to bring their Teese party to The Brickyard (at 595 North Event Venue and Lounge) in Atlanta, Georgia this Saturday, July 7th. Head to your favorite online retailer or streetwear boutique and pick up something fresh for the occasion.

For full details, check out the flyer below and visit Facebook event page.

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