Falcons-49ers MNF Finale Live Blog

12.23.13 4 years ago 437 Comments


Just football on the weekends for the rest of the season after tonight. Nice that MNF ends on a matchup uninspiring enough to not make us miss it.

Even if their season long ago went to shit, the Falcons can still play spoilers in their last two games. Beating the 49ers tonight would not only likely ruin the festivities surrounding Candlestick Park’s final regular season game, not to mention Jim Harbaugh’s 50th birthday. It would also force San Francisco to play for the right to go to the playoffs next Sunday against Arizona.

This coming Sunday, Atlanta can undo the NFC South title that Carolina seemingly won yesterday with an upset. I wouldn’t count on either of those happening, but the prospect of it is amusing enough to contemplate. Oh, what a dour finish to the career of Tony Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, the 49ers have won four straight with the offense benefiting from the return of Michael Crabtree, who caught his first touchdown of the season last week against the Bucs. Prior to that game, Anquan Boldin had a string of three consecutive 90+ yard outings. Boldin is just 42 yards away from posting his first 1,000-yard season since being with the Cardinals back in 2009.

As for Candlestick, there will be much reminiscing over The Catch, a Beatles concert, an earthquake and… I guess that time there was a blackout a few years ago when the Steelers visited on a Monday night? That was fun. Oh, and stabbings! Can’t forget those. For me, I mostly remember the various corporate names Candlestick had for a while from the mid-’90s until the late Aughts. 3Com Park! Monster Park! No lie. It was kind of awesome to have an NFL stadium called Monster Park, even if it was only named for a cable company. Saying goodbye to The ‘Stick: so important that Joe Montana has better things to do than attend.

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