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07.02.10 7 years ago 52 Comments

The off-season is officially over!!!

Welcome to the the first of what I expect to be many editions of “Falco’s CFL Beat”. As you probably know by now, the Canadian Football League season kicked off last night in grand fashion as Montreal edged Saskatchewan 54-51 in an overtime instant classic. Unfortunately KSK dropped the (slightly larger) ball in covering the festivities up north.

No doubt many of you came to the site last night expecting a “Klassic KSK” live blog for the much-ballyhooed Grey Cup rematch, only to be bitterly disappointed. For that, I extend my heartfelt apologies. Who can forget exactly where they were on that fateful day last November when a too-many-men-on-the-field penalty gave the Alouette’s Damon Duval a second chance at a game winning field goal, thus earning Montreal the Second Most Prized championship in all professional football. Last night the Roughriders gained a measure of revenge.

However, my neglect in reporting is excusable. I didn’t find out until yesterday morning that the NFL Network is airing 14 CFL games this season. Needless to say, I immediately contacted my cable operator since I finally had a good reason to order the NFL Network. You’d better believe I’ve got an Outlook reminder set for July 17. That’s when my boy Ricky Ray and the Edmonton Eskimos go to work. Ricky threw for 4,916 yards last year. That’s nearly four and a half kilometers!

The CFL is second only to the NFL. Not so much #2 as 1A.

Finally, regular readers of my blogs– I call ’em the Falcoholics— might be interested to know that I thought I had a lead on that elusive Hughley’s DVD box set. Alas, it turned out to be a dead end. The hunt continues!

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