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12.17.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

We’ve got quite a bit of diversity of fan fights for you today. There is a girlfight from last Thursday’s Bengals-Eagles game. And there’s a fight between some dude and a security guard from the Chiefs-Raiders barnburner. Okay, that’s not actually all that much diversity. But if any transgender people want to fight at an NFL game, I’d be more than happy to post video of that as well.

— Some Panthers fans took out a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer, the same paper that printed Ryan Kalil’s preseason Super Bowl guarantee, chastising Jerry Richardson for a litany of things. Like billboard campaigns, this is one of those pointless symbolic fan gestures that happen from time to time, nevertheless we support anything that provides humiliation for Jerry Richardson.

— In case you missed or had any inclination to see DeMarco Murray’s ass being exposed during Steelers-Cowboys, there you go.

— An important investigation into whether Al Michaels burped during Sunday Night Football.

— Robert Griffin III and Rex Grossman have a secret handshake that you can only do if you’re an RGIII or if you’ve slept with a woman on the counter they use to make your sandwiches at Subway.

— An anonymous Buccaneers player trashed Greg Schiano, saying he should go back to the college game, after the team’s shutout loss in New Orleans. In true Schiano fashion, a player kneecap is getting shattered every 30 minutes until the name of the anonymous coward is brought forward.

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