Forecast for Early Games: Less Spinning and Sun Chips

11.29.09 8 years ago 38 Comments

You would think the preponderance of piss poor games on Thanksgiving would free up some quality for the early slate on Sunday, but then you’d think a lot of other things that are stupid and wrong. Instead, we’ve got a slate of dreck toplined by two AFC divisional contests that were very closely contested by the inferior team the first time around (Cleveland was headed for a tie in Cincy before Bengals players had to convince Marvin Lewis to go for the victory, while Kris Brown did his thing in missing a field goal to force overtime a few weeks back in Indy) which means the better team will probably win in a massacre now. BUT NOT SO FAST! Spinnin’ Dwight Freeney is out for the Colts and Cedric Benson is inactive in Cleveland. Freeney’s absence could have some significance, but the loss of Benson probably won’t affect anything beyond fantasy rosters.

Also, the Texans signed Brian Russell this week. As if Peyton didn’t have enough DBs to pick on.

What other pointless affairs do we have to monitor?

Miami at Buffalo: Have the Bills hired Mike Shanahan yet? No? Good I’d rather they hold out for Mike Zimmer anyway. I still think Ricky Williams should have won Meast last week over Matt Stafford. How hard is it to look great against the Browns?

Seattle at St. Louis: [Casts around for something to say about this game] Hey, look at this wacky picture!

Carolina at Pussytubers: They already castrated a jaguar. Do they have to run through the entire cat family?

Tampa Bay at Atlanta: Because Raheem Morris needs to be a little more overwhelmed as a rookie head coach, he stripped his defensive coordinator of his duties and will call defensive plays himself.

Washington at Philly: I think the Maj is too busy getting Gilbert Arenas a million Twitter followers to bother with this game.

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