French Montana’s Great “Pop That” Stripper Extravaganza!

09.10.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Lawdamercy, French Montana’s a bad boy and we thank him for it. Here he is with co-star Deelishis and a whole lot of strippers at LA’s “Sin City” King of Diamonds for a “Pop That” contest. The only words that could possibly describe it would ask you to remember in True Blood when Maryann took over Bon Temps and had everybody running around buttnaked and sleazing it up? Yeah, it’s like that but set to rap music. What follows below is a more telling 7,000 word thesis to introduce what you’ll see in the video.

Uhm, so not safe for work but what would you expect from a post title that included the words “Pop That” and “strippers”?

Cred: RR

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