Future – “Drunk In Love” (Freestyle)

01.29.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

future drunk in love

Make note of this moment. I’m not a Future hater, but I’m not a diehard fan the way Julie and Justin are. No matter where you stand, it’s hard to say that Future Troutman didn’t take Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and nail it, making a version for dude’s to rock with.

He’s hard to deny when he’s belting out a warbling version of Bey’s chorus talking about being totally throwed but being able to “remember that beautiful body off in someone’s club” you know where he’s talking about because you’ve been at that party, too. Toss in super explicit lines about “get the p***y indicted,” being “excited about your comfort level while I’m drillin” and “we woke up in the kitchen saying how this shit happen to us” and it’s then you realize Future’s wrote his verses based on the best night of your life. “Honestly.”

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