Gee Watts – “Zombie Juice” (Freestyle)

12.11.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

Gee Watts Zombie Juice

Some rappers flow so effortlessly that we can be lead to believe it’s so easy anyone can do it. For the second entry in his #BIBLESTUDY series, Gee floats so effortlessly on “Zombie Juice” that for a minute, I was over here trying to add in my verse. You know, I was feeling it and wanted to get in on the action because the beat was on some hypnotizing Pied Piper steez. But I couldn’t catch the groove so, when that failed, I ran the track back just so I could try to go verbatim with his lines.

It’s then that I realized two things: rapping ain’t for everybody and Gee’s a contortionist with his words.

199x should be a problem.

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