Going Back To Cali: First Official GTA V Trailer

11.02.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

Way, way back in 2004, Rockstar Games released the most complete video game in console history: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Set to the backdrop of California’s bustling metropolises and quaint backwater towns (not to mention Las Vegas), the achievement pulled off by Rockstar is, to this day, a shinning achievement in what video games can offer. Now, seven years after the release of their gold standard, they seem ready to dip their feet back into the cool waters of the Pacific.

The newly-released trailer leaves little doubt about where you’ll be committing crimes: Los Santos, Rockstar’s rendition of Los Angeles. Whether or not your journey expands past the burnt-orange L.A. skyline remains unclear, though. Considering they damn-near recreated the state of California years ago, one can reasonably assume that the professionals over at Rockstar want nothing more than to one-up their own product.

But feel free to make your own projections. There’s a brand new Grand Theft Auto on the horizon, and gamers everywhere – from casual to hardcore – should rejoice. Sit back and watch the trailer a couple dozen times. Bump some Eazy-E and Sublime. Rockstar is taking us back to California.


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