The Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire

05.23.10 8 years ago 14 Comments


The last time we saw Grip Plyaz he had hipsters fearing for their lives with “F%#k Dat Hipster Sh!t” down at A3C. He reappeared again, making a noteworthy appearance on SMKA’s 808 Experiment Vol. 2 with the the trunk-rattling “Jockin’.” Since then he’s been off the grid so to speak, to the point where I began to wonder if he’d ever be heard from again.

His time away from the spotlight was well spent, as he was holed up the lab furiously compiling new material for his forthcoming album Purp, Wind & Fire. In order to introduce him to most & allow him to get reacquainted with others, we’ve hooked up with Grip’s Governed By Loyalty family for the 6 Pack Vol. 1: A Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire, a short set of original tracks with production by The Weathermen and features from other residents from Atlanta’s esteemed underground movement.

Filmed by the almighty Motion Family, this short promo should be considered a precursor to more music and a chance to meet one of Atlanta’s bravest.

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