Guild Wars 2 Is Sick Of The Grind

08.05.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Dude, stop grinding.  Er, grinding achievements, I mean.

Isaiah Cartwright, one of the designers of Guild Wars 2, posted about the unique leveling system the game would employ.  They’re trying to eliminate the need for grinding achievements to level up.  Grinding sucks, except when you get to fight Epic Lasercat, so they’re setting up their XP system to take about the same amount of time to level up whether you’ve just started or you’re about to reach the max level (capped at 80).

We want our progression to keep up with your play style. If you’re a casual gamer who plays for a few hours here and there, why should you feel like it’s going to take you a decade to finish your character? If you’re a hardcore player, why shouldn’t you be able to blast through the game with skill and speed, trying to experience every last bit of content? […]

Anyone can increase the length of an experience bar and call it content, but our world is filled with an almost endless stream of things to do. We expect content—not long, grindy progression—to be the deciding factor that keeps people playing our game. [ArenaNet via Technabob]

Hallelujah and pass the focus items.

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