Guy Harrison – “This Tyme” Video

02.05.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

guy harrison

The way I personally listen to music is probably different than most. I take in the overall sound to ensure the beat is quality and matches the artist’s delivery. Once the song passes the general ear test, I critique the content and whether it’s applicable to the beat or even worth trying to digest. If the words are a go, I decide if said track meets my personal standards. Everything prior is strictly based on mass appeal and experience, factoring in as little opinion as possible. Most submissions don’t make it past the first criterion.

Drawn-out personal processes aside, I hadn’t heard a single song by Guy Harrison until he dropped his latest video for “This Tyme.”

The beat is sample-based and gripping, bringing a soulful Hip-hop serenade out of this New Jersey upstart. It emphasizes his poignant words and leaves listeners humming afterwords. Ear test? Check. As far as the content goes, Harrison’s words seemingly carry the weight of the world. His conviction feels irregular for someone with such a baby face. Considering the audible affirmation and my own penchant for tracks with class, all signs point towards the play button.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out Guy’s engaging tune below and see if he passes your own quality control. If so, his Homeboy Harrison mixtape is your next step and it’s available for free download here.

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