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08.13.13 4 years ago 39 Comments

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Had planned on writing a treatise on why college football needs to calm down on the Johnny Football drama for this morning (party because it’s nonsense, mostly because I like making fun of college football, a little bit because of Gregg Doyel), but a quick check of headlines last night showed it was too late. The NFL has already been infected with signaturstaphylococcus. Time to staunch the wound and not thinking of it again (until the draft).

— Chargers fans can pull out of the fetal position this morning. MRIs of Malcom Floyd’s knee after he went down at yesterday’s practice revealed he had not torn his ACL after all. Guess it’s a good thing we have medical equipment to prove all the fast reacting Twitter MDs wrong. (Although imagine how great it would be if injury reports were filed by garment-rendering reporters and fans. Three, four players a week would play, tops.)

— RGIII has a “new phase, new hair” style going for the 2013 season, a total Tess McGill WORKING GIRL power move.

— The Jets might want to reevaluate how soon they let Joe McKnight return to practice after his most recent concussion not only left him struggling to make the practice field, but he also challenged a random fan on Twitter to a fight after he misidentified him as a reporter out to sabotage his career.

— Have to admit, this would be fun on game days if it wasn’t distracting to the players. The Colts put a helmet cam on cornerback Cassius Vaughn during training camp for fans to get a feel for what the players see during action.

—  Barry Switzer, hero.

— Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is going to be on Wheaties boxes this season.

“I remember as a kid growing up and hearing my parents tell me that I’d better eat my Wheaties,” Peterson said. “I never thought that as a kid that I would actually be on the same box that once had my childhood heroes on it.  I am blessed and fortunate to have such an incredible honor. I would like to remind all of the kids that they better eat their Wheaties.”

Wheaties laced Pure Protein, caffeine, creatine and a GNC discount card.

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