He Hung Himself With a Guitar String

01.13.09 9 years ago 38 Comments

YOUR JEFF GEORGE MEMORIAL LEAST OF THE WEEK is pretty fucking obvious. Jake Delhomme put on a truly Favreian performance in primetime on Saturday night, one that will surely haunt him for years to come. Or until he hangs himself. Of course then he’d turn into a ghost, what with all of his unfinished sucking left left on accomplish on Earth. I assume he’d be charged with the task of haunting Bank of America Stadium by tossing footballs at unsuspecting members of the opposing team and leaving crawdad shells all over the locker room. What I wonder is whether a ghost can be haunted while simultaneously haunting others? But all of this takes away from the thesis of this post, that Jake Delhomme is a complete fucking trainwreck of a quarterback. And that’s why Mr. 6 turnovers is your Least of the week.

Huh, this post certainly took a strange turn. Maybe that’s because I had another post ready to go based off of Black Sports Online’s excellent highlight reel of Delhomme’s suck set to Beck’s Loser (hence the headline) only to see it removed from YouTube by some fucktasting lawyer. Fuck Beck with Delhomme’s dick.

UPDATE: The video lives on in BuzzCuts form! It’s also back up at Black Sports Online.

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