Highlights From The Season Finale Of Bengals ‘Hard Knocks’

09.04.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Actually, you know what? All you really need to see is the outtakes of James Harrison being hostile with the NFL Films cameramen that was shown during the end credits. The rest of the episode is associated with the business of trimming a roster down to its regulation size, which can be affecting stuff, but doesn’t make for great bite-size highlightable content.

The shot of the seamstress ripping the nameplate of the back of the jersey of the recently cut John Conner (“THE TERRRRRMINATOR”) was memorable. And important. Because Mike Brown will not have a single piece of fabric wasted. He isn’t paying this woman 38 cents an hour to be sloppy.


A main storyline in this episode was the Bengals trying to choose between Josh Johnson and John Skelton for a backup quarterback spot. Who can be bored when the stakes are so high!? I didn’t even get to the part when they showed Geno Atkins signing a contract extension. Riveting stuff.

In fact, “Hard Knocks” felt compelled to check back in with Aaron Maybin, who got cut weeks ago, as he embarks on his art career. This team is apparently that uninteresting on its own. That said, I think someone should commission Maybin to make a piece each week based on Cincinnati’s games this season. Basically, 16 sculptures of A.J. Green carrying Andy Dalton.


Oh, and Pacman Jones referenced the movie Rookie of the Year which you probably aren’t familiar with unless you were between the ages of 7-13 in 1993. He did this to gag on receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, but I like to imagine that Adam Jones spends a lot of his time discussing bad ’90s sports movies.

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